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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

“Up and down Ferris wheel tell me how does it feel to be so high?”  This a very good question from one of Norah Jones’ songs especially if you haven’t experienced the world’s largest Ferris wheel- the Singapore Flyer.  It stands 165 meters or 541 feet above sea level and an undeniable colossal ride at Marina Bay. It was first opened to the public in March 2008 and it has a total of 28 fully air-conditioned capsules that rotate for 30 minutes each time. Each capsule can accommodate up to 28 passengers without making them feel uncomfortable.

Singapore Flyer lets its riders enjoy the view of Marina Bay from atop. It has the perfect bird-eye-view of the bay, other areas of the city, and islands of nearby nations such as Batam in Indonesia and Johor in Malaysia. There is really no argument about it that this attraction is a perfect spot for tourists and locals alike to feast their eyes in the iconic landmarks of the place without having to visit each of them.

Enjoy an elevated experience as you step in the gigantic capsule of the Flyer. Have a bubbly taste of life as you sip into the country’s most popular cocktail- Singapore Sling- serve onboard the capsule. Fill your soul and stomach with delectable recipes of Singapore Food Trail before or after you’ve experienced the 6d motion ride of the wheel.  These sumptuous meals are available for individuals, couples and even whole family. With the Sky Dining, couples can even have a great dinner together floating in the skyline of the bay and gazing at its wonder. Lastly, never miss out your chance to enjoy a mystical adventure offered by Journey of Dreams- the latest additions to the fun and excitement of the area.

Singapore Flyer is the country’s counterpart of London Eye- a gigantic Ferris wheel located at the River Thames in London. Since it started operating in 1999, almost all nations in the world have dreamt to attract tourists and provide their citizens with entertainment through a gigantic observatory where people can enjoy the scenery of the place. But, with the other treats offered by the world’s biggest observatory, Marina Bay has something to show off and be proud off. And, this is something that anybody can enjoy for the price of less than $30.00.


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