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Saturday, September 26, 2020

In the southern side of Singapore near the main central district nestles a multi-functional development- Marina Bay. The project was developed to offer Singaporeans, tourists and other foreigners a likely place to live, enjoy and do their business.  Currently, the area is surrounded with high-class condominium projects, business centers, malls and other establishments that bring fun and entertainment.

The place is a pride of the city expanding to 360 hectares of highly –conceptualized and well-developed project. The district does not have a notion of day or night as it is ready to accommodate the needs of everybody anytime of the day or the week.  It is a booming place that is filled of life and fun every hour of the day. It is a promise of great living bringing forth a new meaning to “urban life”.

Ever since it has been claimed in 1970, Marina Bay has been envisioned to be hub of fun, opportunities, and exploration in the heart of the city. It is a place created for everyone- meaning people of different status- to enjoy a breezy life. Its visitors can enjoy the great view of the bay as much as its residents. Circling it are innumerable establishments that could thrill their days or create a memorable impression. They include the Waterfront Promenade, Merlion Park, Marina Bay City Gallery, Singapore Flyer and many more.

From the sky, the bay is a breathtaking view with all its skyscrapers. The layered effect of the area and its spectacular skyline are achieved through the high rise developments that populate it. Office spaces found in the area are also built and designed to realize the vision of URA or Urban Redevelopment Authority for Marina Bay. And, as for greeneries, forget the suburbia or provinces as the place is designed and surrounded with extravagant parks and gardens to refresh the eyes of its spectators or even passersby.

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