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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

What is the perfect way to enjoy the view of the coastline? Could a 3.5- kilometer pathway linking one place of interest to another answer this question? No other footpath is as magnificent and interesting as The Promenade at Marina Bay, Singapore. This boardwalk forms part of the 11.7 kilometers beachfront track found in the bay near the country’s business center.

Whether you are found in this walkway, The Promenade can easily provide you access with the various popular spots of Marina Bay. Forget about cabs and other transports as they cannot surpass the experience that this boardwalk has to offer. Just imagine that temperate zephyr on your face or skin as you pass by the Mist Walk. The warm light and soft music playing in the air can only add to the mystery this kind of walk could bring. After such thrilling stroll, let your family share amazement with you by witnessing the remarkable and rhythmic dancing water jets.

Let the other end of the promenade lead you to another stimulating footbridge- The Helix. This iconic bridge is designed by Australian architects to connect Marina Bay to Marina Centre. Its interesting spirals which are made out of fritted glass and steel mesh gives off shade to the people. The design is fashioned after the DNA, the building block of life, to epitomize the vision of Marina Bay. After this artistic bridge, Youth Olympic Park- the very first art park of the country- awaits you. The park commenced on April 24, 2010 and it showcases artistic works of different media created by Singaporean youths to illustrate hope. This park is also a great resting place for everybody and a perfect place to capture the sight of the marina.

Now, if you think that The Promenade is all but a concrete boardwalk then be ready to for tropical treat! Along Marina Boulevard, you can enjoy refreshing view of tropical shrubs that bear different flowers. The shade offered by the trees along the path is not to be missed out too especially during hot summer seasons. Interestingly, the walkway also leads to the Breeze Shelter where the view of the bay is almost indescribable.

Other popular establishments along this footpath are: Singapore Flyer, Esplanade and Gardens by the Bay. Now, still wondering how you could enjoy the view of the bay? Or, if you are a tourist, still deciding how to enjoy the best of Singapore? The Promenade leads to them all!


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