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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Singapore has platters of various Asian dishes.  The island nation is known to be one of the centers of gourmet in the region. Just along its streets, visitors and expats can already choose among the exotic selections of the country’s street food and convenient meals. Equally, the nation also has innumerable establishments that offer countless choices of delectable meals to satisfy the gastronomic needs of its locals as well as the tourists.

Marina Bay, a popular development in the southern part of the country, offers its denizens and visitors with mouth -watering plates of Asian recipes. Circling it are countless dining establishments that complement the magnificent view of the bay. Whether a tourist wants to enjoy a soul-filling meal atop (Singapore Flyer) or on the ground of the center, there will always be a place to go to. Following are some of the dining establishments found within and around the bay:


Makasuntra follows the philosophy of Bill Bufford about food. As he stated, it reflects the culture of the nation therefore creating a unique identity for it. The company was founded by an entrepreneur cum journalist- SF Keetoh- in 1997. It serves numerous selections of international cuisines to satisfy one’s taste bud regardless of his or her origin.

Clifford Pier

An ambient restaurant designed by the most celebrated architect of Asia- Mr. Andre Fu. It is located at The Fullerton Heritage Hotel providing its diners with a cozy feeling while enjoying every bite and crunch of their lavish meals. The epicurean recipes from this restaurant are cooked with the freshest ingredients which only heighten the experience of the diner bringing them to places farther than what their eyes can see.

 Marina Square

This shopping center does not just indulge its guests with a shopping experience. Moreover, they indulge their cravings for gourmet selections by offering them a place where food and beverages flourish. From one wing to another, the mall houses innumerable food houses that are known globally. The choices range from fast food companies to fine dining restaurants. Really, the choice is all left to the tourist.

Lau Pa Sat

Anyone who wants to experience the real Singapore at Marina Bay should never miss his or her chance to experience dining at Lau Pa Sat. Aside from its rich food selections; the history and origin of the market are equally notable. The place has been existing for over 150 years making it the very first wet market of the island nation. In 1973, it was recognized as among the landmark of the nation and was converted into what is now a haven of gourmet selections. Its menus include exotic selection and popular hawker’s food of the country making it a perfect spot for anyone looking for an adventure on their plates.

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